viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009


DRAGON BALL: LEGEND (Synopsis: Goku joins Bulma, Roshi and his friends to find dragonballs before Red Ribbon get them, but RR is able literally “to make a deal with the devil” for getting control over the world)

==>DRAGON BALL: ANIMATED (MINI- SERIES) (Synopsis: A re-edited and modern version of Piccolo Dai Ma Jr`s Saga )

DRAGON BALL: ETERNAL (Synopsis: 10 years After final victory, Goku and Chi-Chi have a kid who´s kidnapped by a new enemy who knows Goku and Piccolo´s origins. After Goku´s death, Z warriors must find dragonball to bring him back to life, facing alien enemies who wants to get eternal life)

==>DRAGON BALL: FALLEN OF A RACE (MINI-SERIES) (Synopsis: Rise, Glory and Extermination of the Saiyajins, a warrior race)

DRAGON BALL: CELL GAMES (Synopsis: A boy comes from the future to advice Goku about his health and that Red Ribbon has planned its revenge. Androids with z warriors´skills attack but the real menace comes from the future)

==>DRAGON BALL: HOPE (MINI - SERIES) (Synopsis: Based on A different future. After Goku`s death because a heart disease), Z-Warriors are devastated but they must protect the world from killer androids who have their abilities. they are killed, Piccolo included and without dragonballs the survivors must hide and fight for their lifes, for our future)

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NO, NO, NO, NO!! DPA please don't make the Red Ribbon army the main focus of DB Legends. I think they should only make a special appearence. Not be the main focus in the story. Most of the people in the Dragonball franchise are Dragonball Z fans. Dragonball Z was non-stop action, but Dragonball was more humorous. I think the Red ribbon army slowed the story down until Tien arrived. Don't get me wrong I like the Red Ribbon army but I don't think they should be the main focus in the movie dude. dijo...

Dragonball Enternal looks like it's going to stay true. I just wish you didn't make it sooo predictable dude. I think everyone pretty much knows who kidnapped son Gohan. Lol, ha, ha, ha, ha
I really hope you tell it in a way so we won't know what is going on. Please don't make it word for word and action for action. Surprise us dude!!
Remember this is your vision of Dragonball. Akira already told his!! You must adapt from his vision, like he adapted from the monkey king. Your doing a Excellent job staying true, but your plagiarize his story at the same time. You have to understand how the audience feels to DPA, because we are the one's reading and watching your story.

Why should we watch your movie, when we can just watch the anime and manga. There basically identical dude?? Plus we already know what is going to happen in your story since it's almost exactly like the manga. I'm not saying change everything, but asking to make it your vision and not predictable.