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Secrets of the DB: Legend Revealed

In, I told some details of the script I`m making, about the changes I would made. I hope you like them:

- Goku is 15 years old when he met Bulma.

- Red Ribbon and Piccolo would be involved in an indirect way (in the original story they never were involved)

- Roshi`s Island is closer to civilization.

- Goku`s house is not so far from civilization.

- Oozaru is 25-35 feet of size.

- There`s no president of the world, and he`s not a dog. It would be replaced by United Nations.

- There`s just one Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament, The final match is Goku vs TenShinHan but it never ends because of an attack.

- Shu and Mai would be humans but they are involved with the evil aura of Piccolo and they suffer changes (Shu appears more savage like a wolf or fox and Mai more active, with more agility and strenght)

- Tsuru takes importance (as Ten and Chaoz`s Master, TaoPaiPai`s brother (Tao is part of Red Ribbon)) and more because he`s Mutaito`s disciple, like Roshi

- Obviously Chaoz and Krillin are not midget, but are as young as Goku so they are little.

- Only 2 Piccolo`s sons would appear.

- Bulma`s hair is not blue, brown with blue details like Emmy Rossum.