lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009


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That looks pretty nice. I just wish you made the front of Piccolo's face young. You did a good job making the back of his head and Goku's face. The clothing looks to identical to the anime. It defiantly stays true, but it seems like your trying to copy the anime and manga to much, because the clothing looks way to similar to the book except for Piccolo Jr.. YOu gave Piccolo Jr. outfit your own style.
But it kind of seems like you didn't try to put any effort of making Goku's outfit. It seems like you copy and paste his outfit from the manga.
I'm not saying go and make it like DBE, but make your own vision of the outfit so it can appeal to movie goers and non-fans as well. It's going to be hard for non-fans to understand and appeal to it when they don't watch the show. dijo...

Oh yeah!! I liked how you made Goku's hair and the background of the concept poster. That background looks nice and very Dragonball.