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DRAGON BALL: ETERNAL (Prototype costume)


After the disaster called DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION. Fans must be together and pushing FOX to get a new DRAGON BALL live-action film. My project goes on.

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“Dragon Ball: Eternal”
first part

10 years after the last battle, Goku is a good father and husband. But he trains with his son Gohan (10) because Piccolo Jr. still wants his revenge (Piccolo Jr. feels weird, because his dying father ordered him to destroy earth, but Piccolo Jr. was born at earth). Gohan doesn´t know who is Piccolo.

An alien ship comes to earth, destroying a military mission that had waited for it. That ship cross the ocean looking for some energy source, and falls close to Goku and Piccolo (Gohan is hidden).

An alien named Raditz appears and calls Goku ‘Kakarot, my brother’. Raditz tells Goku about the story of the saiyan race and about the full moon and the oozaru. Goku is shocked because he realizes he killed his own grandpa. Raditz invites Goku, who is denying the truth, to destroy the earth. A furious Goku attacks Raditz, but Goku is killed. Raditz cries a little “We were the last saiyans with the same blood, but you decided to die with this planet”.

Gohan appears and attacks Raditz. Raditz recognizes him as Kakarot `s son and beats him and says “You`re still my blood, I`ll teach you how to be a true saiyan, little Kakarot”. Piccolo Jr. convinces Raditz that he can be a god in this earth and joining him, they can get the eternal life, with the dragon balls. Raditz tells that 2 saiyans are coming after destroy another planet, but Raditz is greeded so he finally accepts. Piccolo uses telepathy and calls Roshi and Kami “get the dragonballs now, Goku´s dead. I`m going to distract the man who killed him” Piccolo is going to bury Goku but Goku´s body disappears.

Gohan wakes up and meets Piccolo Jr. “Are you my dad`s friend?” Piccolo says nothing. Gohan sees Raditz and attacks him, a savage battle between saiyans begins. Raditz is going to kill Gohan but Piccolo sacrifies his life, Raditz get his arm in Piccolo`s chest but Piccolo attacks Raditz with the makankosappo. Piccolo tells Gohan that earth dragonballs are useless, he´s going to die and Kami, the creator of dragonballs, will die too. “You must go to my original planet, Namek, revive Goku and destroy the another saiyans!” A dying Raditz says “Namek? ha ha that`s the planet that the other saiyans are going to destroy before coming here, Now I`m going to tell them that Namek has something useful after all, and they´ll revive me” Raditz sends a signal to the stars and then he dies. Piccolo dies to. Roshi, Krillin, Ten, Yamcha and Chaos come and decide go to Namek.

In The Other World, Kami takes Goku to King kai`s world (Kaio Sama), who decides to train him. Piccolo Jr is sent to Hell where he must go across an infernal labyrinth. Goku sees his grandpa and asks for his forgiveness. Grandpa forgives Goku. Grandpa Gohan says “I want you know the truth, they can tell it” Goku meets his parents: Bardock and Chaya. Goku seems happy and Bardock explains him “Don´t deny your race, Kakarot. We were warriors, but our leader was corrupted and we became slaves of someone else"

Piccolo´s crossing the Hell but he meets someone. Piccolo says “I know you?”. The person answers “Not, but you must. I´m the King of Saiyans. Your planet, your race, won´t be destroyed by saiyan warriors, your planet will be destroyed by the same hands that destroyed mine”

Back to Earth: Krillin, Gohan, Ten, Yamcha, Chaos and Bulma are ready to travel to Namek. Bulma says “I made this ship so I go too!”. Roshi says good bye and thinks ” I have faith in you guys, our Last generation of warriors. Now the Battle is not for the Earth, is for the Universe. And you´ll protect it to the end, because you`re the Z warriors”

End of first part

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”There`s a myth, since a long time ago. A myth about a god who came to this world, and he was glad because of the landscapes and mankind that he found. Then he built a Temple and He put an offering: The Chest of Seven Dragon balls. The person who touches that gift could make his wish reality, with the objective of reducing his pain and as prize to his work, keeping the beauty of this world. But the god realizes that there were perverse men able to kill themselves for getting the chest and keeping it for their own benefit. That woke his rage up, and he destroyed the temple dispersing the dragon balls around the world, for making that only constant people with good heart could unite those dragon balls. And evil people would have to pass through eternal calvaries if they wanted to see their achievements fulfilled. Many powerful men have tried to find the dragon balls. Legends say that Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler found the magic dragon balls and they got control over the world during their eras… Today there is a terrorist army that threats to control the world. That army becomes stronger every day. They have killed many innocent people, and razed entire towns to get the dragonballs. We´re not going to allow it. That`s why we`re also looking for them"

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DRAGON BALL: LEGEND (Synopsis: Goku joins Bulma, Roshi and his friends to find dragonballs before Red Ribbon get them, but RR is able literally “to make a deal with the devil” for getting control over the world)

==>DRAGON BALL: ANIMATED (MINI- SERIES) (Synopsis: A re-edited and modern version of Piccolo Dai Ma Jr`s Saga )

DRAGON BALL: ETERNAL (Synopsis: 10 years After final victory, Goku and Chi-Chi have a kid who´s kidnapped by a new enemy who knows Goku and Piccolo´s origins. After Goku´s death, Z warriors must find dragonball to bring him back to life, facing alien enemies who wants to get eternal life)

==>DRAGON BALL: FALLEN OF A RACE (MINI-SERIES) (Synopsis: Rise, Glory and Extermination of the Saiyajins, a warrior race)

DRAGON BALL: CELL GAMES (Synopsis: A boy comes from the future to advice Goku about his health and that Red Ribbon has planned its revenge. Androids with z warriors´skills attack but the real menace comes from the future)

==>DRAGON BALL: HOPE (MINI - SERIES) (Synopsis: Based on A different future. After Goku`s death because a heart disease), Z-Warriors are devastated but they must protect the world from killer androids who have their abilities. they are killed, Piccolo included and without dragonballs the survivors must hide and fight for their lifes, for our future)

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James Wong will direct BATMAN EVOLUTION.

Look at his teaser poster showing a piece of the adaptation from the comic.


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DRAGON BALL: LEGEND (Trailer Description)

(First Scene: There`s a zoom on the four star Dragon ball over a table like in the anime and someone is kneeling and praying)

Goku: Please, protect me and make me a better person, like you grandpa
(First Scene: The four star Dragon ball shines)

(Second Scene)
Voice and text: THIS YEAR
(Images of the world, a colorful place that gets dark)

(A golden thunder comes down to earth and a luminous dragon go to the sky)

(Third Scene: Bulma is driving her motorcycle.
Another scene: Goku running with his power pole and breaking a tank,
Another scene:Roshi training Goku, Krillin and Yamcha)

(Fourth Scene)
Voice: One wish and the world will be mine
(Explosions in a city,
RR terrorist soldiers shooting against Roshi)

Voice: Even if I have to make a deal with the devil
(There´s a container and a shadow over it,
a one star dragon ball reflects a green monster falling over it)

(Fifth Scene)
Goku: I`m ready
(Goku fighting with Ten Shin Han, then Ten flies and opens his third eye,

Roshi, Tsuru, Ten, Chaos and Krillin stand together over the Tenkaichi Budokai`s ring,
scene of a Soldier talking to Commander Red)

Red: Who is attacking us? What country? Where are they from?!!
Soldier: Commander,... it´s a boy
Red: Repeat what you´ve said

(Sixth Scene)
Voice and Text: THE GOOD
(Images of Goku training with Krillin,
Lunch, Bulma in a helicopter,
Yamcha, Ten and Chaos making the same technique)

Voice and Text: THE EVIL
(Image of RR army, Tao Pai Pai doing Do don pa,
fast scene when Piccolo is floating on the sky throwing a lot of ki blasts to Goku, Goku is avoiding them and running with an energy ball on his hand, after the last ki blast Goku launches his energy ball and Piccolo receives it)


Chi-Chi: Goku!!
(Goku is fighting with Tambourine)

Piccolo: This World can´t wait for me anymore
(Piccolo touches a helicopter and makes it blow up,
Goku doing Kame Hame Ha)
Goku; Kame Hame

Voice and Text: MAGIC

(Goku is launching the Kame Hame Ha to our POV)
Goku: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

(The seven dragon balls are together and shining, then they start to spin,
The full moon appears,
Goku is crying and watching the full moon,
Goku screams and his scream turns into something more savage and monstrous )



Last Scene:
(Fast scene: The 4 stars dragon ball is jumping close to our POV and when it`s too close Oozaru appears and tries to take it)