sábado, 11 de octubre de 2008

Secrets of the DB: Legend Revealed

In DBthemovie.com, I told some details of the script I`m making, about the changes I would made. I hope you like them:

- Goku is 15 years old when he met Bulma.

- Red Ribbon and Piccolo would be involved in an indirect way (in the original story they never were involved)

- Roshi`s Island is closer to civilization.

- Goku`s house is not so far from civilization.

- Oozaru is 25-35 feet of size.

- There`s no president of the world, and he`s not a dog. It would be replaced by United Nations.

- There`s just one Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament, The final match is Goku vs TenShinHan but it never ends because of an attack.

- Shu and Mai would be humans but they are involved with the evil aura of Piccolo and they suffer changes (Shu appears more savage like a wolf or fox and Mai more active, with more agility and strenght)

- Tsuru takes importance (as Ten and Chaoz`s Master, TaoPaiPai`s brother (Tao is part of Red Ribbon)) and more because he`s Mutaito`s disciple, like Roshi

- Obviously Chaoz and Krillin are not midget, but are as young as Goku so they are little.

- Only 2 Piccolo`s sons would appear.

- Bulma`s hair is not blue, brown with blue details like Emmy Rossum.

2 comentarios:

www.myspace.com/coreywilson10 dijo...

Im looking forward to reading your script DPA. It better not be lame dude!! You better describe the action sequences. The story better be really good. So far the details sound ok.

dbmovieboicot dijo...

your changes are pretty good están bastante buenos los cambios comparados con los de la basura oficial... me parece una muy buena idea!